Monday, July 25, 2011

first time.

tehee...i'm so happy today =0
nothing special, but this is the first time, my family came and visit me here.-.-
*last time was only my brother and his fiancee (yea, no more calling "girlfriend" huh, my bro? =p ) came*

well, they went Penang for my brother's registration on Sunday,
*for your knowledge readers, he's going to get married this December, 24/12/20011, what a nice day =) *
so, today, they passed by Kedah...came & visit their daughter or their sister :)

i could be very happy about it.
i knew quite a number of my friends here live near to their house, yet, they never ever had my feeling today.*errr...some had, maybe?* whatever.
oukay, they said they would like to eat DELICIOUS Chinese food.
well, sincerely, i had NO IDEA about it as i was in Jitra, Kedah.
maybe there is, is just that i haven't explore it yet.
So, i brought them to Jitra Mall...o.o
- New Town cafe...-_______-

*no photo taken today, they refused to take :(*
waiting for my sis to upload those photos in Penang.i know she will.hehe
the only one i could find in fb now.

daddy, i was so excited when i saw u standing in front of my hostel & glanced around for your daughter...*don't scare, i won't have a boyfriend here.hehe.* 
it reminds me those time while i was in school & you were waiting in front of the school's gate to fetch me back...hehe 

mummy, ah doiii.your new hair's colour and hair style gave me a big surprise *.*
hehe.this is my mom, she likes to try different hair's colour and style.=p
still PRETTY.

my eldest brother, the most blissful man...but the most busy & frustrated man within this few months...until his wedding...oukay, i haven't praise you yet. saw your photos..u look young when u set your spiky hair during the registration.=p

my second elder brother, he was absent.he didn't join the trip.bro, how's the life in KL?fine?i hope to see you during my August holidays...can i book you first? =)

my youngest brother, the funny guy...but the most choosy one ...the one who like to complain about food, place, whatsoever. his ideology: i wan things that are expensive, quality & can stay long. oh yeah, don't forget to buy me a branded watch..u're going to, don't you?hehe.

my sister, the most blissful girl...she just received a Samsung Galaxy S2 from her boyfriend...don't feel like mention the price here...yeeeee!! *argh, reader, google this phone when you're free* ish...shit.envy you for this moment...hehe. stay sweet with him k. =)

there is always laughter when we are together ^^

*going to give a birthday girl surprise at 12 o'clock later.

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