Friday, July 15, 2011

sudut kanak-kanak.

Yesterday, since we didn't have Moral class,
& as what the Moral lecturer asked us to do...
was went library to do our own research for assignment...
but, hehe.

we went to sudut kanak-kanak (child's corner) for that 2 hours "research" xD
*sometimes, we were being influence by the peers?haaa...*

we became little children as we entered there.
we played around...we laughed...we ENJOYED...
until the librarian & the students peep at US.
*owh...skipped the part which i was shaming myself there*

we snapped pictures...o.o


the one i like to pampered with...aha
we played lots of child's games..
clay, stack them, billionaire, singing, puzzles, etc.
there was lotsss of story book for children...*wink*
like it.
well, the evidences...

those Primary School Teacher.

oh yeah...
*continue from last post*
spot the pretty!!
oukay, niteZzzz.

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