Saturday, September 10, 2011


i know my blog is dead.
but since i have nothing to blog about life here, 
so i decided to leave my blog just like this.-.- 

oukay, my life recently is sucks!
am using laptop without battery.
it spoilt.
so i left it in Melaka.
*sis ady courier for me, & hopefully i can get it next week :)*

without battery you need adapter.
yea, i got adapter with me.
but, oh man~
my room NO ELECTRIC since Wednesday!!
can you tell me how to do work without electric?!
*we need to wait for the technician until Sunday.
sucks right?*

hopefully, everything will be on track by next week? :)
amitofo for the forum this Sunday.
cause be the first group out of eight.
pray for me that is a good fortune for me & my group members? o.o

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