Thursday, September 29, 2011


since there was the arrival of juniors, as usual,
we follow the tradition - draw lots to decide who is our own god-sister or god-brother.
the decision had been made few months ago, not long after the juniors came in.
it is a Chinese's tradition here.

my family tree is now expanding its branches...
last year, my 1st time joining them.
this year...--today's gathering.
am getting fatter!

still, today, miss out some of the family members.
but added 4 new faces--all girls junior.
the eldest, Eevoon was so friendly. credit!

well, i got a god-sister, pretty girl, is a state badminton player. *lots of people wanted to pick get her.* the one (:
middle one.
am getting darker!!

& not forgotten the one adopted me, my own god-sister, pretty & cute girl.she is so mini...
when i was standing beside her, could see that i was so huge.

taken last year.
life here is getting interesting because of them...(:
though we gather once awhile, but still, we got lots to gossip to.

recently, i realized i need to take things easy.
hold on to Hope =)
move on!
everything will be oukay!
i know it.
there is always a rainbow after the rain.