Tuesday, June 19, 2012

JUNE holiday

i have already stuck for more or less 1 hour on how to start this long-time-ago-should-have-updated-post.
i'm blank.

eermmm..start with the story with loves.
holiday is the only time that I could meet up with them.
that's why am in love with holiday.

this semester break i only be able to meet with 2 of my loves.

our DATE was filled with tonnes of stories that happened around us in the last half year.
*gosh, i can't believe that we actually never see get each other for half year!*
i just can say that, damn.

after listened to their stories, some were really shocking news, k.
felt like "this is what we call LIFE..."
this world is terror.
even people themselves, as if it is not themselves..o.O

**when will be our JiMui full reunion?
I WONDER but hoping for.

har...met the crazyfunny gang too.
we were actually queueing to buy movie tickets,
when it was almost our turn,
the girls only decided not to watch.& so we actually walk out from the queue and passed by the counter just like nobody business, though feel like everyone was staring at us.
huh..we can mia~~

just then, we went to eat & eat & eat..
sushi, black ball, satay celup in hours time..
fat die ><

uh next, Singapore trip with sis & her friends.
one word, HOT. two words, hot die.
one word, tired. two words, damn tired.
but i was really enjoying in this trip. 
happy buy tired a.

credit to the tour guide ya!tq!

i prefer to tweet my feeling & thought nowadays ((:


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