Friday, June 29, 2012

Anniversary day.

Happy second anniversary, for batch 2010.
& also TESLian Cohort 4 :)

is finally.
today is our second year been in IPDA.
for this moment, i feel like time really flies.
guess I've grown up & matured a little bit compared to last two years when I was still in form 5?
I hope so.
but then, I prefer my secondary school life compare to my life now.
My life now is dull.
I think friends around me thought the same way too.
what to do.
LIFE has no U-turn.

went to Restaurant Sun Garden as our celebration along with two juniors.
*No pic of us is being taken, forgotten*
we were too desperate for the food to be served.
chiang chiang!

simple meal is always the best.

food that's cheap is more tasty sometimes.
I saw my ex-roommate today.
she was walking alone behind her friends.
& her gang were chit-chatting at the other side outside the lab.
I felt like asking her why.
but I did not have the chance to.

we chatted for only 5 mins.
as we were both having lecture.
our conversation was only the place for me to stay.

I must have ask her.
but I hope she do feel that someone is supporting her right behind her
the moment I put my hand on her shoulder :)

Some friends are scary, back stab on you is normal case.

Ex-roomie, be strong AS u always did, oukay?


  1. :') ex-roomate : we, both mz stay stronger!
    Life is like roller coaster, has ups and downs;
    BUT it's our choice to scream or enjoy d ride.
    So...put our hands up n scream v our smiles XD

    n one more...where are u staying now huh??? (hahaha)

    miss_ing u (when we walk around d hostle when our stomach is round...when u pull my ears when im addicted v drama...when u prepared pear for me...when u feel "gila" v my alarm...when...)


    I know u will feel lonely without me XD hahaha

  2. haha.roomie, why are u so poetic? :p don't ask me the same question everytime u see get me ma.U wanna keep me in ur house anot? :) will not forget u la.promise xD U lago don't forget me! & I know u will not feel sad & lonely even though I'm not around u!hmph