Wednesday, June 27, 2012


do you ever feel like you actually wanna say something that is against the powerful one, something that is from your heart, something that means your real thought on a subject, YET you can't do so.
others may see you as a coward or else the one being bullied.
but they don't know that they actually know nothing about you!
they don't even know what's really happened!
and simply judge on you from their own perceptions.
what they see will always be only the SURFACE of a thing.

To the outsiders,
"Unless your name is Google, if not you don't act like you know F*** everything!"- FB

but the main thing is that
you can't voice out at all.
you can't tell the truth to the outsiders who have wrong perceptions on you.
you wanna explain to them that all is not what they thought of.
they're wrong.
the heart to declare yourself make you suffer.
still, you can't.
at last, you choose to keep quiet on everything happen.
& follow what the powerful's order to do things.
the powerful always want others to follow whatever they say.
& they mean what they say.

luckily, you're still you.
not gonna change for others.

what's life?

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