Friday, July 13, 2012

short update

home is not only a shelter for me.
is the place that I can actually rest mentally as well.
with family in home is always the best & perfect ever.
I love them :)

reached Melaka yesterday midnight.
oukay, this is my first time.
i mean came back only on weekend.
tomorrow night imma going back to the jungle.
& Sunday the classes are all ON.
tiring to the MAX!man!
as what she said, "As long As we can back Melaka, everything will only be nothing."

WE still have lonngg way to go.
congrates to all Form 6 friends.
going to study in Uni months later.
I still hoping friends can get Kedah, UUM whatever.
study together in the same state & jungle along with me.hehe
*get the course that we all interested in is the most important k :/
"YOu're the guy,
text HER first."

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