Saturday, July 21, 2012

About 15/07/12

That Noon, we were having class photoshoot.
One semester once shot had come.

Look Pro, aren't they? ._.
*but their progress in publishing the journal was a bit uh, S.L.O.W.*

SO, to be advanced.
IS better for us to take our own shot.
and this came...

PISMP BI 1 - Degree 1st year
fyi, the one in the middle of those guys is our Mommy Mentor, Mdm. Suhartina.
little, mini size, cute Mdm in Language Department.
**oh yeah, thanks to ex-roomie in helping us took this shot.
love huh.*
She was actually rushing for her class.
yet, In a rush too,
took one and only one shot on that day.
hen sad jiang ><
That night, I was having IPDA family gathering.
we ate steamboat.

*I realized that I am scare of spicy food nowadays,
am I old ady?oh shit.**

everyone is totally enjoying the Tom Yam soup.
I was like...had myself more and more cups of Ice herbal tea to clear my throat.
emmm..and only enjoyed the plain soup by myself. -.-
I'm not like this one~

anyway, anyhow, forget about it.
and have a look on my family tree.
everyone has their own adopted God sis/bro.
the family tree is quite complicated also.

in short, the one adopted me is  HER.
Ying Tong
then, I adopted hER.
while she adopted heR.
Mei Yeh
 *I know, the last photo should me my sis v heR.
Imma bit ss.*

welcome, MY sis, to the big family.

In a nutshell, haha
this is it.
the BIG family.
adopted adopted adopted.
n other family tree.

END of my day :)


  1. ask u to edit d pimples liao mar~ >.<

  2. haiya.natural beauty mehx.and it isn't obvious also~ :p