Thursday, March 22, 2012


the thing that i hate the MOST is RUSh!
i'm having a kind of damn-like-hell RUSHING life now.
so, my blog is dead!
it causes me have no sufficient time to even log in to blog/update my blog *it might be a reasons out of my nothing-to-blog-about reasons :p*
even take a fresh breath is a problem for me now.
can you imagine my life over here?HELL.

since i stopped my last post about SBE,
maybe i shall talk something about it.

what can i say was...
Experience is always the Best Teacher! :)))
i couldn't deny it.
SBE let me gained a lot.
from all aspects..i exposed to the running of a school.

some pupils are really adorable, some were just naughty & their badness level--out of my expectations..
some of them even migrated from America/overseas & was forced to study in Chinese school.
they learned really hard to speak Bahasa & Mandarin.
but i believe they can go through it :)))
*due to internet connection problem, unable to upload those photos, is available in my FB.*
when receives texts or calls or saw FB posts from friends that i may neglected sometimes,
their warming messages can lead me to happiness &
is sweet..
love is so MighTy!
i can see it from her.
she is so brave & brave to sacrifice, just for him.
I envy.

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