Friday, March 23, 2012


i woke up..eerr..can be counted early today :)))
& getting...
ready to go for my 2nd injection.
still bit painful until now.
but it doesn't matter,
coz i know that is all for my health after all :))
i dreamt of someone yesterday night :(
someone that i should not have dream of.
someone that i do not miss.& had bad memory with.
felt so tired when i woke up.

*people said when you dream of someone = that person is missing you*
but i don't think it's true.
anyway, i know that the person is living in bliss.
that's enough :)
yesterday night,i wonder it's that you?
if yes,
i'm disappointed at you.
i believe in your words
yet, your actions has betrayed you.

i'm such a joke.
taht have put so high expectations in you.

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