Saturday, March 24, 2012


BIG (Bina Insan Guru) camping is tomorrow.
4 days 3 nights.

is nothing,
just a 4 days 3 nights camp,
just can't bath properly,
just can't have proper meal.
just can't drink much water than i consume daily & this just simply able
to make me dehydration ,
just will get sunburn all the way.
& just getting darker & darker in my life time.
is nothing, 
somehow, just kill me. why don't?

I'm scare of water!
jungle trekking, hiking, napping, anything that is on the land is OK for me,
but NOT rafting, for sure.
NOT activity.on/in the water/sea.

what to do what to do.

It begins tomorrow.
suan le ba.
ren sheng bu guo ru chi.

today woke up much more earlier than yest.
to attend camping's meeting.
& preparing for out tent.
*i'm happy working with her, Syuhada :))*

somehow, God, please bless me for those days.
anyway, i hope to have a happy & valuable camping :)))

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