Thursday, March 1, 2012


last letter to...

*should have turn our mood back to normal, aren't we?*
as things MUST have a dot on it.
i hope that i have put a prettiest dot on it.

- today, everything seriously has gone to memories.

tears enough dropping now.
forgive us to not control well our emotion during your funeral, Sir.
i hope you heard get what did all of us say to you.
i believe you had :')

-you are the bravest person, ever, Sir :')

i always know, is time to let go :')
a four-years once day.
- happy birthday! to those who are born on this date.

- how is my day today?
-- layer cake made up my day :p
*the higher the expectations & hope that i put, the more suffer am I.*
beginning of a new month now, March.
i can't wait to go back Melaka.
tomorrow will be my day.

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