Tuesday, February 28, 2012

our respected one,

it has been a week + i never updated my status here.
until today, a sad news has crashed on me/us.

date for him.
Mr.Leong, our respected PJ lecturer.
*is going to be a post about him* :'')

though you didn't teach us since we entered here.
but we did feel that there was always a kind of connection with you, Sir.

you were funny & kind-hearted *words couldn't describe your best-est personality* 

your smiley face made us miss you the most.

today facebook's posts are all about you.
everyone is writing about those memorable time that they had spent with you when you were here to teach them.
they missed you.
so do us.

received the news of you when we were doing our presentation.
we were so shocked.

i fail to crack my brain for some words now.to describe my feeling at that moment.

since then, we pretended of being good throughout the presentation.
when actually we weren't.

we talked about you today.
in the same cafe in which we had the one & the only one interaction with you last time.
we chat a lot at that time.
you weren't be stingy to share with us about your family stuffs, career stuffs, friends stuffs, etc.

we still remembered that you promised to buy us some paus when you got back from Alor Star after the holiday.
yet, when we got back from the holiday,
you were not coming to campus anymore.

is this all God's will?
for us, at least, had some memories with you.
at the very last moment.......

tonight, the rain seems non-stop.
people always say that raining because God is crying.
tonight, is it you, Sir?

the sea water would have wash away our words.
but it has already carved in our heart.

you will always be remembered.

rest in peace, Sir! :')

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