Tuesday, January 24, 2012

1st day of CNY *Part 2*

woke up early in the sunny morning,
Vege food is a must & it would be the utter appetizer to be in my stomach on this joyful day :)

home cook by mom would be the BEST!
abalone, scallop those thingy wouldn't be our choice.

next, waiting for the gang to visit...

this year, everyone show them off with different kind of style.
cheongsam & sunglasses from the cousins would be the striking 1.

& I'm just...
simple as am I.
makeup free though.

the sister.
i don't know :P
uhha, GAMbLIng is the VIP thing!
but this year the amount of people would be lesser than last year.

this year...
smaller circle uh...
Last year,,,
such a big cricle///
till my living room couldn't afford them xD

the amount of people in gambling is always the 2nd thing.
the most important thing would be the fun & joy we had :))))
their shouting & laughter filled my HEART...
this is always enough than enough :))

my dinner time spend with them would be my favourite xD

everyone went home with their tiresome body & mind.

lastly, it would be my...
family photo 2012 :))))
yee!is my dai sou been added in the family photo larx *.*

another thing that is always enough than enough is the reunion of my family :)))
going out awhile more,
hoping for a grand visiting to aunty's houses.

& for sure,  2nd day of CNY = movie day.
looking forward for the 33 people movie tonight.

as a proof...
"endless movie tickets"- quoted by mii.
what i want to explain here is....
MBO will not be our 1st choice UNLESS GSC is FULLED & SOLD OUT their tickets totally!

we aren't going to watch what CNY movie.
is Viral Factor by Jay Chou & Nicholas Tse.

looking for it ya *.*