Tuesday, January 3, 2012

hAppY BelatED NeW YeAR!

went out with the love one :)
it has been yearsssssss i never meet her.
though we live in the same kampong -.-

but, the day came.

1 word to describe the outing of that day.
rushing in dressing up, rushing to fetch her & rushing to go back.

at last, we forgot the thing we must do whenever we have a date!
*serious matter for me & her, yet,it is a secret. :p*

we were trying to hide it.haa
we even rushing for movie.
as we spent our free time for shopping. :)

watched "Mission Impossible" with her.
m DAMN IN LOVE with this movie.
LOve action movie along with the effects that only can get in cinema :0

m appreciate your sincere for this date!haha
the craziest night ever!!!
having fun with the bunch girls & guys.
for sure, & my ji mui mun (=

i miss them now :(

nice to meet you all after yearsssssssss!!
especially you & you. 

lastly, HApPy NeW Year!
it's 2012!
the most important thing will be, 20 is coming to me
can't believe it :0000

win liao -.-
a GRaND new year with all GRAND NEW hope!

hope everything goes on smoothly in every single moment. 
- sometimes, i hate orientation week to the max!

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