Sunday, January 29, 2012

CNY:Day 4

sorry for being updated late.
SICK made me have no energy to do things.
but outing with cousins & friends, i'm still oukay! :p

CNY Day 4, morning session

otw to Melaka Baru o.o
had given to my cousins.
same as last year, we went to Ah Lang Bak Kut Teh.
*sorry m attending it late*
35 of us had eaten an incredible amount $$....

Evening session
had given to THEM, the ex-classmates :)
jolly followed me whenever i'm with THEM.

at my house.
once they reached, hearing the lion dance nearby my house.
they started ran for it.
to take photo with the DAP Melaka, wu liang shan.*i guess*

it was NON-stop visiting to their houses.
as well as receiving ang paussss.

& of course, not forgotten the GAMBLING with them
i believed we all get high to the MAX!
& their alcoholic-ing :)

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