Wednesday, January 25, 2012

CNY: Day 2

1st of all, i have a BIG problem.

MY MOLDsss!!!on my FACE.

i need to enjoy to the MAX!
in the rest of the 4 days...

CNY: Day 2
OTW to Aunt's house.
& the gambling gang yesterday....
for sure, they MUST gambling again.
we could gambling wherever, whenever, whatever we want...o.O

watched "Viral Factor" with them last night.
uh...not really recommended people to watch it though.

but HAD FUN watching movie with them.
NON-STOP talking at all time.
the cinema seemed like OUR place.

after movie, limteh session was NEEDED!!
as a proof...
as well as celebrated cousin's birthday :)

HAPPY bufday!
with her "HUAT!!!" Secret cake.

after gOSSIp-ing, SuUpper-ing...
we went back about 3am *.*

& NICE TO TALK to U :p

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