Friday, September 14, 2012


the campus has organized Raya celebration and the closing ceremony for National Day celebration.
things went on as usual, as it used to be.
with choir, stage play, recitation of poetry, singing, play of video, etc.
the day ended with Raya celebration,,
and everyone got to eat together.
ate under the rain.
which was the part that I dislike.
it was not grand anymore.

every year, during this event,
i can easily recognize who is the bf for her and who is the gf for him.
those couple will wear the same colour clothes.
they will dress up really nicely.
boys with neat baju Melayu, girls with make-up on + bling bling dresses.

taking photo session was going on this whole day.
everywhere in the hall.
when a boy has two FB account, means what?
he started to get active in another account that he did not add you as his friend nowadays,
when you lost contact with him for months.
means what?
he has secret?he lied?he was hiding from you?he......
the only thing that you know at this moment is that.
he is not single anymore.

he will not be the only choice for you,
he is an impossible.
give up on him and you'll get more choices out there.
If and only if it's so easy to give up...
no worries, no hard feelings, no suffer, no tricks,
easy and simple life.
with pure and innocent thinking.
night world :)

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