Saturday, April 2, 2011

relax day.

emm..i should write this post yesterday..nvm.
ok,after having our lunch in New Town,we went for movie, "Just Go With It"
we didn't planned to watch this movie.but due to its showing time as it suited our shopping time,so we decided to watch this movie.wheee~

oh yeah!!my "little black" is back!!of course need to use it to snap picture huh.
before we went for movie....

it's all show off my "little black".
my fren laughed at me worxxx. she said i make her feel very embarrassed as i laughed very loud and with a lot of weird sound in the cinema.haha o.o
this shows that the movie was really nice,oukay.
*cinema was dark and here is Kedah not Malacca,nobody knows is who larx.*

think twice before you make any decision and once you had decided,just go with it.

am waiting for Justin Bieber's movie now,never say never.=)
handsome boy.=)
after movie,it was our shopping time!!!am lack a lot of groceries so am have to buy new stocks......
spent lot yesterday, i duno how much was it.but its all necessary one larxxx. 

*Tan Chia Jee,am still worry about you.anything must text me or call me k.take care there,girl.♥*

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