Friday, April 15, 2011

especially for you & you.

thx roomie....!thx for your early birthday present.teeheee...
before... is a "botak kia"o.o
present from a "kilat kia"...o.0

i didn't expect she will buy me a purse.
though i always complaint to her that my purse "botak" ady,and what what what.aha.-..-
and she gave me the present on this Monday,coz scare that i will go n buy a new purse for myself.
once i receive the present, she ask me to change immediately.
oh god.i only realized that my purse got lot of things. last, the new purse cannot button.o.o

she said, "can you dun have so many things in your purse! & pls, love this purse with your heart!*
roomie, i will.aha.*i just duno years later it will become what.*
i will take care of my things, is just that i duno why they will spoil worxxx.=.='''
*this is the way she loves me. *
roomie, i know that~aha. 
♥ you, tcj.*.*
and you, 
♥ you too, girl.
well, that night, i had a talk with her,
 she ask me to be myself..dun pretend anymore......
i cried & she hug me very tightly...
i feel comfortable at that moment..
seriously, im glad to have her here.thx God.
she said, "u still have me, i will never hurt you, i promise."

she's not the kind that will fake to anyone.
she always be herself.she won't care what people say about her.
sometimes, i wish to be like her.
live in my own just the matter that my condition not allow me to do so.

*sometimes, i really need my loves in Malacca.
i miss them a lot..='( *

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  1. i thought that 'tcj' is me,hahaha,adui miss you too=(