Sunday, April 24, 2011

what is life?

during LDV periods, Madam asked us to discuss in group about euthanasia.
she asked us to be open-minded in this issue.try to forget our religion first.

it was about a story which a father involved in a car accident and the doctors said he was "brain dead". he had 2 young children. he kept alive on a feeding tube and a respirator that breathes for him. he was unconscious and doctors believed he will ever recover.
should we allow him to die or spend a huge number of $$ to keep him on those machines?

most of the girls said kept him alive, there was always hope & miracles would happened in our life. we have no right to decide one's fate.
but guys all seems like chose allow him to die.
it was not the matter of guys were cruel than girls, but this is the reality and this is life.

Madam told us about her cousin. it was 2 years ago.
he was in the same condition as the father in this story.

"class, if you really know what "brain dead" is really all about, you would change your perception"
""brain dead" is that he can't hear you & his brain is not functioning at all."
"it would be the most hard decision for the family to decide to allow him to one would like this kind of job.don't we?"
"we pray to keep him alive."
"sometime things is out of our control but this is reality."
"it was a story.but when it really hits us, we don't know how to react."
"this is life.we cannot control it.but we can learn to be more mature after the would be another experience for us."
"Experience is the best teacher."

i was touched by Madam's words & tears almost fall down.
imagine that you are the family.........
when this kind of thing really hits on us or the one we love,we would not that calm and steady anymore......

"things always out of our control".
this is life.

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