Sunday, May 1, 2011

good days.

since we have 3days holidays, it is impossible if we didn't go out and play.=)

this time, we went Sungai Petani(SP). well, still in Kedah. and quite near my place.1 hour++ to reach there.
our main aim: BODY MASSAGE!!
i need body massage for a long time ady.finally, it comes true.=)
the process of 2 hours massage was pain like @#%$^&, omg.
but nvm, the main point is the relief after massage.phew~~~
although my body still in pain right now ><

well,actually we planned to go SP only for massage and shopping.
is a day trip.
but...having some conflicts... at last, we decided to stay there 1 night.o.O
thx for the boss who help us in finding a budget hotel.aha.
the fact was that we brought nothing of our daily necessity..even was our $$.><
we need to buy brushes, Darlie and clothes.aha.u.u
*just like playing Survivor.*
say stay then stay, say go then go.
*well, we shall well-plan before go for trip.*

we went Central Square in SP (the shopping complex we like the most in Kedah!!!) 
it has a lot of shops that we can't find at our campus there.

then, i would like to say that our hotel was very strategic.
it near shopping complexes & cafes...
this was the 1st time i saw Old town, Station 1 in Kedah.
we went Station 1 that night....

 tasted the 3 layer tea in station1 .=)
 Day 2...
before this, we ate BKT at there.finally, i could tasted some Chinese food.after massage, we went "ho chiak" street...
there was a lot of delicious food.that we missed a lot - Chinese food.=)

miss it.
we ate till very fulled.seriously......

we will visit u again, SP.
*the fellow praise herself that her living skills was best enough, dun says her has lousy living skills anymore.=p*

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