Thursday, May 12, 2011

it's over...

phew~finally, staging for "Macbeth" is came to an end today.
but now, am kinda miss the time we were practicing & the staging today.
now is 9 o'clock!!!
i suppose to get ready to go down & practice drama.
well, 9 o'clock was our routine time to go Sri Banai hall to polish our drama.
now, no more... i miss it.><

though today had some problem during my group's staging, but it was enough for me.
good job, friends!!!
it's over & this was the best from US.=)

i like this picture the most!
it shows my SMARTNESS!!!haha
my group's "abang" Macbeth.good job, bro.><
"everything will come to an end." sometimes i dislike this quote.
but, this will be the best memory for me.=)

this witch is addicted for witches' voice.keep on use it when talk to us.><
was quite the most handsome Macbeth today..aha.stand beside me weh.-.-
the 3 best witches ever.(green shirt) =p
we took half year to prepare this dramatization...-this was a long journey.
but our staging took only 20 minutes for each group.- this was short enough.
"Short, but it is a long journey.isn't it?"- Madam Faridah.
(like like like)hehe

Q hor.*.*
ppl, if you saw this post, u should feel proud huh.
your present was posted in my blog weh.hehe =p
whatever, thx for this's Q.
btw, thx for coming to see our staging today.=)

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