Wednesday, May 18, 2011


chicken kebab!!
it's you!!!

that day...
her friend asked the gang, "u all want order kebab?best!seriously..."
she said," huh??!!! what's that?kebab???"

under curiosity...she ordered 1 chicken kebab that night...
and her gang as well.
she waits & waits..................till nearly 9pm.><'''
*was her dinner for that night.k.*
then received her friend's msg, "kebab is coming."
she lazy to go another block to take it......
at last, her gang passed to her during meeting at 9pm.

after meeting & gossip-ing with her gang, she went back to her room.
shared with "baby Jun Jun"...
baby Jun said ,
"emmmmm...~ho ciak!where they bought? nehxx.i wanna order 'kerbau' tomorrow."
-.-''' roomie, is kebab.=p

since then....
yea, am addicted to this thing-kebab.
especially when u are hungry...1 is not enough.aha.

kebab with skinless and boneless chicken breasts, mayonnaise, nuts, vege, onions, etc.
became part of my dinner recently.-.-
i never eat kebab in Melaka.
i learnt to eat different kinds of food here.
that's how you could survive & live in other country...
*part of living skills maybe*><

today,was just a bit exaggerate...
they passed a paper around in the class and asked to write down how many we want to order.aha.
the paper was fulled.o.O

well, i just ate 1 chicken kebab just now.-.-'''

*this afternoon, she asked me to write an essay/poem/anything
entitled "水晶球的爱情" for her.
& this reminds me of HIM...........
for just awhile.*

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  1. maybe just introduce her this song?