Sunday, May 22, 2011


i would like to start this post with good news...
aha.i'm just finished the camp to Gunung Jerai yesterday.=)
*finally, no more burden for this camp as we had been postponed from early of Semester 1 until's almost the end of Semester 2*
luckily, it's over.*i'm happy*
there was not that scary as what i thought before i went there.
& what had we done during jungle trekking to avoid leeches over there was successful.(as i don't wish to have scars on my leg anymore.><)
lotss of obstacles during jungle trekking...& walk down the 12km hill by our own...& ways we done to avoid leeches...
*to be continue...*

today, 22nd of MAY...
early in the morning we were having our semester party...
all of us were enjoying...

i like the chicken nasi lemak.=p
 something happened when the party reached half...

my coursemate, he's going to leave us today...

though we were different class, i know nothing about you...
but, you are my FRIEND.*sincerely*=)
though i knew it before you were going to announce in front of us, but i still felt not comfortable...
i wished i was wrong in my mind for that moment.

that day, you wrote "leaving.bye." in TESL private fb.
i thought i won't see get you anymore...
well, the next day was the camp...i saw you.
you was still you.joking with the others here and there.
you were very happy, then i thought you won't be leaving us.

today, you announced that you were going to leave us & might be joining juniors during July intake. but is NEXT YEAR.
dude, don't said till so touch can or not.
i was touched by your words...='(
*you win ady*
well, we hope was this coming July intake juniors.we were wrong.
means that we won't be seeing you for 1 year+ & it was depends on you whether you wish to come back here to continue your study...
i wish that you would come back.=)
though i kept on asked my gang that "will him come back?i think he won't.he would like to do his own interest & don't wish to be a teacher.will him?will him?*

hey dude, i still remember that u took half of my kitkat chocolate after the jungle trekking huh.haha.
i had shared with you.
you said, "hey Haw, tak bagi saya kah?makan sendiri je..."
haha.i gave you larxxx.=p second last memory with you.><
the last memory was today.when i said "bye bye & take care" to you.
you wave at us & smiled shyly.

i think the best memory would be you with your classmates...right?
lots of things we had been gone through...'s reminds me the time we were having the dramatization, "Macbeth".
you was Macbeth for your group huh.ahhaa
& & you were damn funny that time.haha...

well, i hope you will be happy & i hope to see you next year.
take care then.=)

my dinner tonight...*chicken kebab*
well, i hope tomorrow everything gonna be ok.
as too many things happened today.
i wish to have a happy holidays.come on~

*girl, specially for you, don't cry for her anymore..promise me, don't cry, be tough...*

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