Monday, May 9, 2011


too many things happened within a day.received shocked news form friends...
it's too complicated...
who's right & who's wrong, i duno...

i have forgotten...
im scared, stressed up & feel helpless.
i need someone to talk to.but is NOT HERE.
i duno who can i believe...
being fake to everyone...
until the moment im in my room,im not fake!

i was angry at her..she dun even said a word to help me get rid of that kind of situation that night...
but i can't get angry at
she said,"she's taking you for granted,dun help her anymore."
i can't do it.seriously,she help me a lot.
i duno why she loves to show off.fxxx!

i was angry at him & him actually...who you think you are,ppl?!
shit u.

thx for your concern.
"why do you look tired today?"
" ok.=)"

i have learn to keep quiet.

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