Tuesday, May 31, 2011

outing v the loves.

there is NO EXCEPTION for not dating with the loves when all of us were in Melaka.
(pit!though sometimes i was absent to attend the reunion...hee..)

no mood to study, feel like blog about the day i went out with the loves now.
though i knew one of us wrote it.o.o

well...on 28/5/2011,
the ah moiiiis i went with...=)

the ah moi  oways let ppl wait for her & the driver for that day.=p
we watched "Insidious"...OMG!we sat 1st row in the cinema.-.-'''
*nobody wished to sit the 1st row, isn't it?
so, we made a decision - sit other's seats.muahaha.*
then, the movie started...it was just the beginning of that movie...
then...got few people came n sat down at the end of the row...
& & then...
the guy said," excuse me,these are our seats."
the love said, "yea.we knew.our seats are in front.can we sit here for awhile?"
the guy was "...-.-'''..."
*we gone back to our seats...o.o*

(the movie was scary enough...but seemed like comedy show,
the fellow in the cinema screamed & said,"omg omg!i don't wanna watch!im so scared!" OR laughed when the ghost appeared & haven't appeared -.-)

after movie, we ate D.I.Y ice-cream at the back of dp...

prefer yogurt flavor more =)
3 of us...phew wit @.@
oh yea, after that, we went Sunset Bistro...
arghh...love there...
love the view over there.was a nice place for us to have heart talks e =p

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