Thursday, May 26, 2011

trip to Gunung Jerai.

continue my latest post...we went to Gunung Jerai.
i never heard get this hill before...till i really went there & it wasn't that bad as what i thought...=)
the process in Gunung Jerai...

well, begins with the ugliest thing i done that day...
i wore football socks.omg omg.
to avoid leeches...yeeeeee!!

precautions to avoid leeches during jungle trekking.there were lots of salt on our shoes...-.-
the gang.
we were still enjoying the beautiful view over there.
seriously, it was a damn nice view when u were standing on the top of the hill & looked down.
this happened all before jungle trekking activity.
after that, TIRED. proud & happy.

nice view =)
i love star.
after jungle trekking...

they were lack of energy & TIRED.
with our advisor.=)
after rest & some gossips...we were energetic.=0

needed to call number instead of our name in the jungle.*supposed to know why ya.*
 it wasn't enough if we only finished jungle trekking...
the hottest was behind...=.=

we were asked to walk down from the top of the hill till the end.
12km!!! the longest distance i ever walk before.o.o
was just left blister did not appeared.

terrible experience, but proud to myself.*.*

after the 12km...
then, went back to IPDA.
once got into the bus, SLEEP.
but, the girl asked me to take photo for her.ah doiii.

hapiii huh.
*still on my way packing my stuffs now.-.-'''
phewwww~~going back Melaka tonight!!!
tomorrow is my day then.*

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