Thursday, May 26, 2011

do nothing.

teehee~finally finish packing all my stuffs...

i just came back from outside.went to buy dinner.
well well well, going to sit 9:15pm bus go back Melaka weh.
*jumping around* hehe.

but im so lonely now...
am do nothing in the room.
it's true, "a circle of quiet" in my room...

except for facebook-ing, playing songs & games...~
*feel like blogging coz the connection is damn good now,
am no need to wait for the blue light appear on my broadband..
it stays blue...piu~
feel so easy to online...
maybe coz people outside went back one by one...& yet nobody online...
so it leads my broadband stay blue.*

Zzz, alone in the room now...
roomie went back early in the morning...
*as she always...hmph!
kinda miss her now,miss her noises...actually -.-'''
coz the room is so damn quiet now.
i could only hear the songs i played.*

this is just a bored post that i simply wrote...aha.=.=

*this holidays going to be a damn busy holidays...
i need to plan it very well @.@
Singapore, wait for me!! go for wedding only larxxx..
another wedding waits for me too!
(coz i wanna wear PRETTY PRETTY weih!!!
im outdated here!cannot fashion at all! damn...)
i wanna meet up with my ji mui!!!missy...
& need to settle the mountain homework & assignment...gggrrrr...!

*oukay, i like the feeling i have right now... 
waiting to go back my hometown...
hehe...dun miss me ya.*

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  1. see~~~^^ i know u will miss me XD
    kekeke~^^ miss u too & enjoy ur holiday yar! XD
    baby nee nee ^^