Saturday, May 7, 2011


suddenly stuck.duno what to blog.everything seems nice to me recently.though still have something sad happened,but i don't feel like blog about it.-.-

ok, today just blog randomly.

recently, we were damn busy with our drama, "Macbeth" which we will dramatize on 12 May.
having lots of practices/ rehearsal in the hall.
*though i can act anytime,(hehe) but this was bit hard & different.*
- memorize script
- actions & expressions.***
there was a big stage with lighting, sound, props & backdrops as the effects.
there will be audiences..
*pity on Macbeth & Lady Macbeth weh.plenty of dialogue.><
sometimes be "lalang" is enough.hehe*
let's memorize our script together!
they were memorizing their script "seriously."=p
4th May, TMM birthday.
as usual, there was always surprise from us.
she's kinda easy to be cheated.=p
*she cried when the whole Cohort sang her birthday song.
  she cried when we took out her birthday present
  & birthday cake (she ordered herself, but we said we forgot to buy for her.she believed.)    
  she touched by us &
  by the one she loved-zm. coz she received his wishes that fact, he was a past tense for her.*

she loves to cry. =p

her birthday present from us,,,

happy birthday, ah moiii.=p
they look alike, right?
lastly, the funniest girl ever...hahahaha.
i hope you & your beloved will last forever.=)
what's wrong with your donut, girl?><
going for free dinner later.
*have a date with.....THEM, not HIM.*


  1. I shy shy d. i see and saw his name there.. eee *blush blush* haha too bad we coudn't last. it we last forever, i will be the happiest women in the whole wide . ah ** .
    btw thank you so mcuh for the bdae present. was like really really touched tat day. entah macam mana nak describe feeling aku. ah sedihnya ku =)

  2. hehe...actually i thought you won't read my i just write his name.but nobody knows larxxx.only us.or everyone knows?o.O haiz,try to let go k.u can do it!just need TIME maybe.(macam pro dah)=p
    haha.welcome ya=)

  3. wootz. haha if ez to let go then i wont grow white hair d lo. haha what is love? xoxo
    thanks =)