Monday, May 16, 2011

just THEM.

whee~went out with the gang last usual, after lunch at New Town,
we went movie...a movie made me feel very nervous & it fast till my little heart nearly couldn't afford...-.-
what some more?*.*

uh~cute man.=)
the next day...having ELS party...
had BOOM Seri Banai hall!!!!hehe.. can help me express my feeling...o.O

thx for the chickens...guys..NICE!
actually, i didn't expect it would be so delicious..aha.
the girl said when saw u guys preparing, "i swear i don't want to eat the chicken tonight...i swear..."
at last, "oh~thumbs up, man!" Zzzzzz..

aha.congratezzz, Anecdote!!!(the best performers)><
president said,"let's take pic together,committee members..."=)

like this picture the most...='')
Emo-ing...i like.i duno why...=.=

let's eat, girlss...& the guys behind/tepi longkang.x.x
the guy said,"tak de duit nak beli bunga api,so use kain cuci pinggan as bunga api."Zzz
but,,,,it was damn NICE...
they thought of "i will fall in love with you if you make a love shape for me.."
aha...i think of that way too.

after eating, having "Truth Or Dare" with them......

ah moiii, kena dah.aha."u want truth or dare?"
dun afraid k.won't be your turn.Zzz
the fellow asked, "when is your first love?form 4?"
the girl said,"ahahahahahahaaaaaaa........em..ermmm.form 5."
truth or dare must be love love love things huh.
but it was really FUNny.hahaha.
*i hope you all will last with your couple..seriously.*

oh yeah,now is 12:43am...
16th May...hehe


*ppl, pls dun ask for meeting & said things that can use hp/fb to text us.* -.-'''
and stop text her.annoying.
we still will work with you.

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