Thursday, April 14, 2011


phew.a lot of things are waiting for us now.a lot of things we need to settle. mention before, have lot of camps soon.the nearest one. Language Camp. this coming Sunday is the registration day..and the camp will start on Monday till Wednesday.aha.-.-
we are all so busy in preparing for this camp.
"busy for weeks, finish within 3 days."
feel glad in charge of designing giant bookmark, one of the activity for this camp, coz of the committee members...they are all cooperative and helpful.=)
in this process, can really learn a lot..phew~
"you need to learn to be more critic in everything, even though it is just a small matter in ordering materials from the store unit for your activity." Sir said.-.-  *ok, we get it..Sir.*
*there is time to play, but there is time to be serious.*

well, today......
phew,phew,phew...having treasure hunt today, oh my goodness...

forgot to  use sunblock.oh no...!
before the game start...they are dry, clean & pretty....aha.
relax, girl.o.o
like crazy running here and there in the campus to find the check points...
though is play in group, tired!
but had fun, thx for the organizer...maybe.......=p
still...we enjoy it.=)

*will upload the photos which is after the game..asap..UGLY.hehe*

finish speaking test ady, this Saturday is the other tests.
God bless me!amitofo.

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