Thursday, March 31, 2011


feel like writing about her in my blog since roommate..
a lot of story between me and her..we did argue before..and i did cried because of not a lesbian oukay..i like boys..=p
i just appreciate her as my lucky enough..=)

still remember how i met her..
*the registration day to enter IPDA. and also the registration day to enter hostel, that day,there was damn lot of people. i saw a girl walking towards me and pulled my hand go into the office to the same time asking me am i Chinese?>< know what,i duno her at all wor. then,we registered as roommate already.-.-'''* the end......=.=

oukay, the most important one was when i got food poisoning that was last few days...
she really took good care of me.*eh,not only her,others as well.roommie, you know,later they saw this post ><*
she was busying during the days i was sick..busying with her exhibition the next day.but still need to take care of me,*alamak,macam kid la i.><* 
that night,she wrote a note for me before she went out, friend saw and said it was a sweet note..*content no need to know la~* o.O

that day,in the middle of the night,i was crying for the stomachache..i really cannot stand it..feel like dying..i text her..and she did come back immediately from her friend's room and nervous.i was shocked actually..she comfort me and calmed me down...thanks =)
that afternoon,i stomachache again..and she accompany me went hospital..we spent 6++ hours there..for hang 2 packets of water..=( she accompany and sat beside me all the way..she may go back and do her "mountain" assignments..but she didn't.. thanks =)

i can't finish thanks her here or thanks her with these words...
but thanks once again =)

well,she tolerate with me a lot..even just a small case like she will turn off or use earphone to hear music when i wanna study.she knows i need quiet environment in order to study.
she knows my habits..though good and bad..and she knows what im going to say and do next..whee..if she saw this,she will say *of cause la,if not how am going to be your roommate?* u know,her quotation.
we always complaint to each other about our studies,assignments,exam......but we did advice each other to +u!
we seldom have pillow talk at night as our schedule are not the same.but we did it...we talked about our "ji mui",about bf/guys, about love............

her daily life...
fast food & cheese &
this is her favourite right now.already finished half within few days.=p
she always persuade me to eat this and that..i fat fat jor lorx.=p

some random pictures with her...we less snap picture,i duno why.*maybe we aren't pretty in the room.haha. dun have the mood to snap.* you know,girls....~

this is her.innocent meh~heee
oh man~she is fair enough!!admire~*hate.eee!!!*
 when i went back SP with her and we went out shopping together.
♥ you,girl...thanks all the way.thanks for being took part in my life =)


  1. yea lorx..she's nice~dun worry me k.hehe

  2. nee...u made me cry lar!!!
    argh~~~budak ni XD
    LOVE EUU!!!
    *i'm not lesbian too har~~~
    [of cause la,if not how am going to be your roommate?] u know me well!! XD

  3. haha.38~
    coming back tomorrow?

  4. >.< blurk XD
    saturday my daddy asked me go cheng beng~
    so will bek on sat, what u want to eat?