Thursday, March 3, 2011

HaPPy bIrThDaY,Mdm.

today is mentor's birthday...well,is our mummy in this campus as well...
hey guys,although our plan failed,but never still perfect at the end =) *the process was damn funny,if you 're one of us,you will know how funny we are...>< * btw, thankxxx for the guys who pretend late to the class this morning,but failed to do their LATE for their attendance as well..hehe...thxxx again.=p

happy birthday,mom...=)
Madam...*very happy right?see, we love you so much =)

as usual,some random pictures today...o.o

classmates...*guys behind,can't c ur pose la*dark.*
started to get nervous for her exam now...o.o
+u, girl!

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