Friday, March 11, 2011


am reached Malacca already.this whole day is a good in good mood as well. =)

suddenly the phrase "浪漫是愚蠢的" flash in my mind now.haha.i must say that it is quoted by thong hui wen yesterday in the bus.
she was talking this to me.
"-if a guy ask you to marry him in the rain,he'll sick in the next day.-if you and your partner watch the stars by the seaside or on the field,dun you and him/her will "kiss" by the mosquitoes,itchy like hell?what for?-if a guy said he wanna take down the stars from the sky,will you like it?in fact, the stars are ugly and is impossible to take down as well."

haha.what larx,miss thong.i can't experience any romance in the rest of my life already.but i can't deny that sometime romance is a silly thing.=)

she got the inspiration to say these because we watched the stars through the mirror of the bus yesterday.why we so bored?in case,our journey from Kedah back to Malacca took about 10 hours.
i HATE the airport in Malacca,USELESS!!!

the stars were beautiful.even though it was scattered on the sky...
you know, * i like to watch stars =) *
i saw a brightest star among was really the brightest.and you know,when you saw it,will remembered you "it" was your dearest seeing you from the sky.
at that time, i miss my grandpa and grandma from both my father and mother side one.i lost them all already.

well, *life doesn't end when somebody died*

cheerss babe.hehe.
*ok, zzz,have lotsss of assignments to finish within this 1 week holiday.*dislike*

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