Saturday, March 26, 2011

bad mood.

oukay,exactly 1 week didn't update her blog,and she's with sick condition writing this right now.oh no~my god!
she came back from Malacca not only one week get sick again.this time seems to be the most serious case she fall sick in her life.oh no again!*get the chance to write this since she get energy right now.*o.O

this is the 4th day......she sicks...

it can be call sick she thinks.she got food poisoning at here.she used to eat the food here for 1 and a half Sem already.unfortunately, the most unlucky thing happened in her life.this is the most suffer time in her life.
she cried...for the suffer.
no family mummy,daddy,bros n sis besides her now.she missed them damn much.she cried...
luckily,she still got bunch of sincere friends here.caring for her.brought her to the hospital.accompany her.bought her food.she feels very warm and truly touch.thanks girls!♥ she cried...

she never entered unit emergency in her life.this was the very first time.
she never hang water in the was 4 packets of water.her hand...this was the very first time.
she never drew blood in her fact,she scared of blood.and this was the very first time.

she hate to eat medicine larx.she duno how to swallow pun!she have it until like flour.>< *her routine work.*
she cried in the middle of the night.her stomach was so damn pain.

she knows family & friends was worrying about her,she promise will get well very soon.
she still got all of her from behind.=)
she hopes everything will get well from now onwards.everything will be fine.=)
I truly hope so =)

unlucky things will continue to happen...

one of her family's twins dog died.
she just received this bad news had been shoot by the stupiak fellow.M___!without giving us any warning.what can we said?except shit u!
xz, rest in peace ♥

be +ve!every unlucky things will get off soon!tomorrow will be a good day for me=) 

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