Sunday, March 13, 2011

envy larx.

friends all going to finish their Semester 3 already...i still in Semester 2...
*i envy larx.*
after that,they all will have their holidayssssssss.....
*i envy-ing*
i still need to wait until end of this year, only finish my foundation and there's no need to waste such a long time to finish foundation year larx.ah doiii
*i envy you all*

aha!!!my boy~
i miss you...='(
missed the chance to see you at Sungai Wang yesterday.

the news said, "今年只有25歲的他,沒想到已有結婚的念頭,他說喜歡身材修長、長髮但外型兇兇的女生,“就像《Vendetta》裡的娜妲莉波曼那樣的!" (i envy you,girl... but my boy, i will try my best) hahaha.-.-'''

btw, i felt great to hear Tan Chia Jee going to start her studies next month at KDU.take care there and +u ^^

* going out with the lovely family a few minutes later,bb.
have a nice day =) *

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