Thursday, March 10, 2011

without you...=(

ahaha!!!finally finish my MOCK Exam damn happy right now.but damn tiring now,am have to clear the room.still packing my things now.what the....-.-
*1 week holiday only meh,still have to clear room huh.seriously.ish.o.O*

btw,my 'little black' seems like's condition very bad right now.i can say that its worsen than before its start to didn't recover for 1 week already.and it seems like gonna leave me.

'little black',i miss you and i love you.will you come back?

*supporting details*
without you, my life become dull and colourless,'little black'. ='(
without you, i cannot take photo and send photos to my laptop for a long time already."little black'!!!
without you, i lost my contacts with my family and the loves one at Malacca.roomie just asked me that day, "why you seldom call your mom 1?or i should said you never?" >.< roomie, actually, my 'little black' is SICK!!!
without you, i cannot hear my loves one's voice. =(
without you, i failed to do lots of things.'little black'

*should i repair you or upgrade you to another one perhaps finer one?hehe...* but i got used with you already worxxx...=(

ehehehe...~am going to kfc and secret recipe later.perhaps, they are my only 'entertainment' at know, i should be happy =.=

aha!Malacca,wait me there!*am going to take 9.15pm bus with the gang tonight.*yeepiiii!!!

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