Friday, June 17, 2011

last few entertainments.

going to take bus go back to the "jail" tonight...=(
*i thought i already get use to it, i mean leave Melaka back to Kedah anytime & adapt to it...but sometimes i don't feel other words, i hate to leave Melaka!!*
but, i know..i have to...
i saw my love posted this on her MSN status...*eerrr...kinda motivate me a bit.*
- the road you choose yourself, even kneeling u have to finish it.

well, last Sunday. 12/6/11.
had movie with my family...
*sudden outing -.-'''*
no time to get ready...
that's why no photo for that day.
watched Super 8...s***s!
 mii said, "em?!i dun understand the movie..."
bro said,"piu~what kind of **** movie is this?!"
sis said, "har?!the movie end ady?!"
sometimes...though others said which which movie is how how how nice...
well, it might be NOT huh!!

phew wit!finally i could meet up with this girl - LWS!
*that day jz both of us.*
we went new JJ.
*i just realized parking lot over there so cute 1 uh =.=*
she still the same...funny...take good care of me...o.O
ah moiii, stay sweet with him k!
well, after finish my mission-buy things for someone,
we went movie - X-men!!!*argh...this is what we call NICE movie huh.*
went out with my sis...
we had our dinner at "Wok and Pan"...
ordered chicken chop, stuff with cheese and ham.=)

like this.
sometimes...when you look not pretty, it would be nice if the photos are shrink...hehe

love ya.

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