Friday, October 28, 2011


oh gosh~it has been 1 week i did not update my blog.
exactly 1 week.

well, actually i have done a lot of things in this 1 week holiday.
actually i have a lot to share, just...i took everything ordinary.i guess.
so, don't feel like blog them.i guess so.(:

was a happy holiday instead.
had a lot of outings with family &
my loves. 
(should show their faces, right?pic just everywhere in their camera.Zzz.)
*went out with them yesterday, got back around 2am..luckily did not get scolded today.teehee. 
well, there were pauses in between our heart-talk conversation, how would it be?
maybe we left out 1 kaki, maybe we are all stress about our own studies...i guess.
but, we are still who we are, we still know each other crystal clear 
m proud to say that (: * 


he is FIT, not FAT!
ppl ask him to diet, he don't want.that's him then.
me & you, we just let the word  'fat' comes into our dictionary o.o

my last post stated that my holiday began,
but this post m going to say "today, my holiday comes to an end" ish.
going back to campus REAL soon.
people, please pray for my final exam :)

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