Tuesday, November 1, 2011

diaries of wisdom tooth

should i write something on this special day, 1/11/2011?

this month will be an exam month for us,
say "hi" to the final exam then :(
though having 4 subjects, still...SUFFER.
*another two weeks will be better! i will be patient.*

**wisdom tooth's diary**
went to see dentist for twice while m in Melaka.
one dentist said m going to grow wisdom tooth n she mended the hole at the tooth as well.
while another dentist said the tooth which was pain was my wisdom tooth.n she advised me to remove it.
*of coz i don't want, exam is just around the corner, so she gave me pain killer*
until now, i ate once.can't depend on the pain killer too much.

yet, i like today's dentist the most.
at Kedah, here.
she said the same thing as the 2nd dentist i visited and she did x-ray for me, gosh~
my wisdom tooth is slanting~
*wait, is it a normal phenomena?if yes, sorry, i don't know about it :P*
it clashes with my tooth which is just in front of it.
for sure, plus the mended hole which got infection.
n it causes pain.

from what dentist and friend's recommended,
i went to Guardian n bought clove oil + L type interdental brush today.
going to try it out tonight.
hope it will work for my tooth (:

she miss her healthy teeth (':
m suffer for the pain recently!

tooth, be patient k?stay obedient to your master.
don't cause her to be so painful no matter is at night or days.
until the end of her final. she's begging you~

lesson of the day: take good care for your wisdom tooth! 
*for sure, for the rest of your teeth as well!*

i learnt to take good care of my teeth nowadays.
i need it to be healthy so DESPERATELY!

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  1. Getting the wisdom teeth removed is not fun, but sometimes it's needed. These can affect the strength and health of your other teeth, and it would be a bummer if they get damaged. It's best to get the wisdom tooth problems solved ASAP.