Monday, November 21, 2011


went to KL yesterday.
v sis + sis's boyfee + sis's friend
a happy & tiring journey.

my aim was to buy dress or at least something for bro's upcoming wedding.
but it seemed....
though...could still hardly say that did buy something back home.

could u tell me where the shot was?! 
oh yeah, thanks to the boyfee's treat yesterday.
LauGhtEr was our companion all the way.
whatever was it, we laughed.=.=

lesson of the day: DO NOT laugh too over until you can't finish your meal =.-
others always said this to me , "Expect nothing and you'll be surprised of something."
i admit that sometime it did (:
do not/don't ever/never/never ever argue over $$.
it makes nothing.
"$$ is always the root of evil"
H-a-t-E. yet, can't survive without it.

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