Friday, November 11, 2011


i should have done something in my blog
at least by today k :)

let me blog about my final then.

but it seems nothing special.
m left 2 subject on Monday n Tuesday respectively.
n i'll be FREE!
oh gosh~ i can't wait for that moment.seriously.

*the thing that would tear our heart into pieces during exam will be those info we memorized by heart didn't even appear once on the exam paper*
it makes nothing at the end of it.

we had our mentor-mentee party right before our exam.on 08/11/11.
we had enjoyed our happy moment together,
before dying for exam (:

-my classmates-
ohhyeah.roomie made a hand-made card for me.
it was just a simple "love" card with meaningful content that symbolizes us.
*we aren't lesbian* o.O
i believe one will be touched easily when there is someone who really perceive about one herself/himself :)

purpose: Fight for exam.
she put it on my table that morning coz m going to have my 1st paper that day.
ah.bit touched la.when i saw it.
yet, she said she couldn't sleep then only would think of making this.
roomie, i will be more touched if you just didn't reveal the truth. =..=

well, well, well,
i did one for her in return.

i admit -- m always is a loser in drawing -..-

preparing for exam---
roomie loves to study on the floor with my star n her pillow o.o

-this is her-
m prefer to study...
-on the table-
as time passed...
i would probably...
& ask myself to be determined!

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