Monday, November 21, 2011


congratulate to Malaysia football's team.
is it Harimau?haah
m not sure about it.
anyway, just congratulate to M'sia. (:

just finished watching football in Sea Games 2011.
*not my wish to watch, cause of my bro who kept on asked me to change channel*
eee! =.-
well, the game was Malaysia VS Indonesia.
still, for me,football, is a kind of lame sometime.
12 chasing after 1 ball.
*oukay, though basketball also 10 chasing after 1 ball*
but, who cares?
i watched it just now, n felt like it could be my entertainment, if only i watch it with the whole lot.

haha.enjoy seeing my fb's friend saying about the game.
enjoy hearing my neighbour shouting over the moment the player got their goal.
cause at the same time, m watching it -.=

SO, tomorrow is a holiday?
wanna watch "you are the apple of my eye"!
frustrated in seeing others said about it.
wanna prove it by my eye itself.
as the trailer was kind of damn nice.
going to watch with the pretty.
maybe this wednesday?

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