Wednesday, November 30, 2011


went out with the gang today.
no where to go except for DP & MP.
did some shopping.
my first time of stepped in Overtime today.
*i know.outdated.
yes, i am.* -.-
argh...m STRESS of sitting inside =.-

visited MP as well.
went to SAN to eat Ramen which recommended by the gang..

next, followed by Girl's talk session ...
the BB in my house likes to act like...

my mom.
besides likes to make noise & interrupt the adults' conversation.
is time for photoshoot!
the models of the day...

i smile back to you :)
the photographer was... BUsY...
oh yeah!
no matter what wakes her,
i considered myself SuCceD  to WAKE her to go gym this morning.

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