Friday, November 25, 2011

mEANiNgFul daYs

This Wednesaday n Thursday did a lot of things.with my pretties = my loves :)
*i should say was yesterday & 2 days before?*

Wednesday, 23/11/2011
as what did i say in my last post,
m going to watch "you are the apple of my eye" with the pretty & i did.
errmmm...this movie kind of ride me into my Secondary school-hood.haha
all sort of CrAzy things happened,
with our STILL innocent-thinking.innocent mind.innocent action -.= not that nowadays we aren't innocent anymore.
the fact is that we grew up as time passed.
is time for us to be matured in everything, for sure, in our thinking & perceptions to things.
& be responsible for every of our action.

oh yeah, the pretty said,
 "why aren't we been tackled by such a boy like Ke Jing Teng?!
why aren't people tackled us like the way those boys tackle Shen Jia Yi?!*

dislike the ending.

after movie, met with the other pretty, the 'photographer' who functions very well the next day.

******* ohh yeah, the pretties stayed at my home that Wednesday******
*******& i hope i can sleep well tonight, without them :p****

Thursday, 24/11/2011

I  them as i always do!!!
did sort of photo shoot under the 'photographer's' request, =p

&  as long as both of us did help her get her assignment done. :)

& you'll know who's the photographer m talking about.
Stay TuNEd!

& YEah!!! we watched "Breaking Dawn" as well.
argh! envy Envy ENvY ENVY! Edward+Bella :)

"do outside there exist vampires?" argh...!i wonder~

learnt something from the actor's dialogue.
i guess was like this...

"...for The prettiest bride..I love you for NO measure of time, but START with FOREVER..."- Edward Cullen.
"...Having someone is MISERabLE than someone you can't have"- Leah.
*there's more..*
ReaL GoOd NiGht!

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  1. Shoottttttt! I love the Edward conversation. Goshie! U made me wanna watch Breaking Dawn so much. :(