Monday, November 28, 2011


m no idea what to put as the title for this post.
& as just wanted to write something in here.
let it be "-" then -.-

went out with the pretty just now.
Since she was too PITY & kind of begging me to go out with her :p
she would say F*** if she saw this post.
who cares?teehee

we wandered in front of the counter for several minutes
& struggled of watching which movie.
as our plan to watch movie failed.
AT LAST, we went down & bought seafood tempura+ drinks in chatime.
the pretty always did something that i don't understand.

THE threesome of that day :)

going to wake the pretty tomorrow morning, 
she said she wanted to go gym.
she said this for N years already
hope i can get up that early too.
"If you love someone, DON'T LET THEM FALL"

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