Wednesday, October 19, 2011


keep on remind myself to keep my blog updated.
i just....failed :p
kay...having gathering with my another family tonight (should be last night).
i should say this family is my TESL family, while the other is my Chinese family?
sounds weird though.
spent more or less 3 hours with them at Restaurant 5 Untara -.-
& reached hostel about 10 something i guess.

i heart to GOSSIP with them. *m heart gossip all the way.muahaa.*
i heart to listen to their whispers about this girl that boy.
i heart to see them laugh out loud.
i heart to laugh at their cuteness, their teasing about someone & their GOSSIPness.

m should show some evidences for the gathering.
here comes some pic of the day...

 THEM :) 
with the 2nd oldest in the family *sorry, sis :p*
next will be the one who adopted me, here comes another thin & mini lovely girl.
as usual, m always the biggest  no matter i stand/sit beside those mini-girls.
sis, must appreciate him (:
promise me to stay sweet with him kay. :p

saw her flat tummy?!
as usual, when there is more girls than boys,
the day will be ended with GOSSIP-ing.
we were :)

oh yeah, needless to say that our new family members are 2 girls.
score for the night would be 12 girls VS 2 boys..

night readers.

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