Saturday, October 8, 2011


happy, angry, sad, excited?!

M stress! & entertainment is needed!
haiz.back to topic...
on Thursday,,,
we had our LAST steamboat for this Semester.
that's the reason why m getting fatter & fatter at here larx. -.-'''
no photo was being taken on that day.
as usual, we failed to estimate the quantity of food for 5 of us.
once again, my stomach announced exploded!
at last, we had to call the neighbours to join us.
thx to seniors who helped us to clean up the food ya :)
& we gossiped until late night.oh gosh~
i damn like when she questioned me that -- "Are you mixed?" *ahaha.blushing!*

the next day, Friday.
went to Bak kut teh in Alor Star with my volleyball's lecturer.
woke up at the time which i considered early.
not our luck, the shop didn't open.
we went to another shop which Sir said was not really the best one.
well, met up with the wife of our lecturer - a lovely & polite headmaster.
pic of the day...

blur is always the photographer's problem!
anyway, thanks Sir!

then, we went to Alor Star mall.
for movie -- The Sorcerer & The White Snake.
quote of the movie...

"月下有湖, 湖中有亭,亭中有你和我"


actually we planned for "Abduction", damn.
it was always the cinema's problem!
nothing else could shop in the mall.
quite bored.
end the day with gossip-ing in Georgetown cafe.
smile is the best medicine for health!
i pray hard that classes dismiss earlier tomorrow!

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